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Mainstream workout regimes require several different routines, machines, and techniques to see results in each and everyone of these areas. They are also costly and time consuming, and worst of all, they can be so boring!

That’s what sets Sheer Pole Fitness apart from the rest. Pole fitness is a new phenomenon taking the fitness world by storm, and with good reason : It produces better results in a fraction of the time and cost.

Pole fitness provides a full-body workout in as little as one hour, and results are immediate. Rather than jumping from machine to machine to work our segregated groups of muscles, the simple and uncomplicated use of a pole offers a full-body workout that results in increased strength, definition, endurance, flexibility, balance, grace, rhythm, and confidence. Clients who follow a pole fitness regime increase muscle tone within 24 hours of their first class, and they are most often able to accomplish in their second class what they may not have been able to in their first. Pole fitness clients’ results are clear and measurable.

At Sheer Pole Fitness, our goal is to meet the personal and individual needs of our clients. Pole fitness-certified and highly experienced instructors Gina Souza and Crystle Deschenes work with you to help you to identify and reach your personal fitness goals at your own pace in an encouraging, supportive and safe environment. You’ll have so much fun we promise you won’t even notice when you’re pushing your own fitness boundaries!

What we promise? RESULTS. Notice them immediately by joining us today!